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About Us

Learn about the origin and future of Valux


Valux started out as two individual Potion PvP practice networks known as Sarefine and Voltix. Two different style networks with very similar goals and dreams. Valux was born on October 2nd, 2016 upon the decision of both servers to merge and create a bigger and better network. Fast forward to today, with the support and encouragement we have received from the community, Valux is an established competitive PvP network striving to expand and improve everyday. With new games and features coming to the server, this is only the beginning of Valux and we cannot wait for the future.

Our Values

Minecraft is a huge platform with a very wealthy community surrounding it. While it is easy to get lost in the money and not listen to your community this is something Valux refuses to let happen and values the community’s opinions and suggestions. Everything we do at Valux is molded by and for our community to offer the best experience we can. We believe in getting things done the right way and being the first to innovate and do things differently. We will always work our hardest in every situation and come through for everyone who supports us.